Arcam SA-10 Integrated Amplifier

The long awaited replacement for Arcam's multi-award winning A19 amplifier is here! The Arcam SA-10 amplifier is an ultra-low distortion type Class A/B amplifier that will loom over its predecessor when it comes to performance.

The Arcam SA-10 has been designed to set new standards, whether your music is playing via compact disc or streamed from a computer, and has become the new standard-setter in digital audio. This is a powerful integrated amplifier that has become well known for its fast dynamics and low-jitter digital performance.

This Integrated amplifier works hard to maintain excellent stereo separation in order to achieve a wide and deep musical soundstage, all while minimising the interference. The SA-10 Integrated amplifier features both a preamplifier and a power amplifier for source switching, volume control and superior amplification.


The result, of course, is worth every penny.

A singer’s sharp intake of breath before hitting the chorus, a guitarist’s fingers sliding against the strings – it’s those seemingly minor details that can bring music to life. Fish out one of your all-time favourite albums and play it through a Bluetooth speaker, and guess what? Its sounds like a Bluetooth speaker. Play it through the SA-10, and it’s as close to hearing the artist’s performance as you’re likely to get. There’s always joy in digging out an old recording you haven’t heard in years. With the HDA range, it’ll feel like hearing it for the first time.



Extremely efficient class A/B amplification

50W of power per channel

5 analogue inputs including phono

3 digital inputs

32-bit DAC, Sabre ESS9016K2M

Full I/P Control

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise = 0.003%

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Arcam SA10 Integrated Amplifier

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